Geek · 2012/03/17 0

Burst 对我之前退掉的 vps 做了全额退款

虽然他们客服人员对 ticket 反映比较慢, 但是在多次交涉后, 最终还是做了全额的退款.虽然可能 openvz 的主机较差, 但是公司诚信还是可以的.
PS: 我是通过Paypal扣取信用卡支付, Paypal 也是将这笔款项直接退到我的信用卡上的.
PS在PS: Paypal 只对可以邮递运输的实物有买家保障的(买家发起投诉), 其他的一概没有, 详细请参照原文:

the Buyer Complaint Policy only applies to payments for
tangible, physical goods which can be shipped, and excludes all other
payments, including but not limited to payments for intangibles, for
services or for licenses and other access to digital content.