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本人新写了个小项目,准备拿出手玩玩..结果刚放上第二天, 所在vps的母机就挂了,而且无法修复,数据无法找回…这尼码坑爹的,哥果断的退了货.其实也是看以前同事运行的VPS也是84的买的大半年了,问题不是很大,就是偶尔母机Down一下,但是价格的诱惑实在是没法抵制.结果就自己挖坑跳下去了,于是被坑了,好在项目还没开始运营,只是放上去让朋友看看,试试效果…以下是84发送的邮件原文(去除了个人信息.):

Dear Valued BurstNET Customer,

Unfortunately, the node hosting your VPS suffered a critical error. Our engineers have exhausted all potential solutions to restore the server to its previous state.

At this point, your VPS must be recreated. Our hope is that you can rely on any backups you were able to make via the vePortal backup interface or other means. If you have trouble restoring backups made via the vePortal administrative interface, please open a support ticket. Though we cannot guarantee full (or even partial) data restoration, we will do our best to assist you with the process.

Again, we are very sorry for any inconvenience.


BurstNET Customer Service

更新: 在我退了vps之后,他又发邮件过来说数据已经恢复了.Orz